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The Belonging Co

"No Junior Holy Spirit" Sweatshirt

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"I close my eyes and I see an army... but they aren’t wearing armor and they aren’t 6 feet tall and they don’t fight flesh and blood. I see an army of kids who pray with authority, know their identity and worship their way, one step at a time, through a battle they can’t even see.

I see an army of kids who know Jesus as their Savior and their King, their Lord and their deliverer. But most importantly, they know Him as friend. They have intimate relationships with Him. They run to His feet to worship him and they sit at the table next to Him, telling them all about their day. They know Him uniquely, easily, both in his might and in His gentleness. they don’t look left and they don’t look right deciding who they are, they look up, at their father, the king of kings and he tells them. and they believe him.

They dance with abandon and play with angels - its not their imagination. They know the provider, unlimited in His supply so they easily pour out their own at His feet. They know His goodness and they know their worth - in Him. The bullies cannot touch them, peer pressure cannot mold them. They are powerfully strong and uniquely tender.
Oh, and His face when He sees them? It’s filled with delight. For they are His and He is theirs. Best friends til the end of time."